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Apex CDL Institute is not a "CDL mill" that churns out students with the only goal being the profit margin. We offer only the best in quality CDL training with a commitment to our students best interests and career choices. At Apex CDL Institute we are committed to your success and your future.

Nothing in life is free, and that is certainly true when it comes to CDL training and truck driving schools. Many places will offer you incredible sounding "free training" or "paid training" truck driving school. Beware!

At Apex CDL Institute, your successful career development within the trucking industry is our number one goal and commitment to you, our student. Let's face it, a truck driving school is only as good as the job it gets you.

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Welcome to Apex CDL Institute

Apex CDL Institute is a top truck driving school located in De Soto Kansas, just 25 minutes from downtown Kansas City. We offer the best in commercial truck driver training and career development for those looking to open up opportunities in the transportation industry. Apex CDL Institute uses only modern equipment, experienced instructors and a first class facility to make sure that your training is not only complete and professional but enjoyable as well. We serve students from both Kansas and Missouri.

Truck Driving School Serving Kansas and Missouri

The trucking industry is growing faster than ever and the demand for new qualified drivers increases every day. The U.S. Department of Labor for the years 2002-2012 ranks truck driving as being one of the highest paying occupations with the most job openings for workers who don't have a bachelors degree and who are entering a new occupation.

Choosing a truck driving school is the first step toward reaching your goals.

At Apex CDL Institute, your CDL and a new future are within reach in as little as 3 weeks. In fact, many of the students at our truck driving school will be pre-hired with a quality company before they even graduate, sometimes before they even start their classes.

Our students are hired by excellent companies.

There is no other career path that will give you the opportunity to make the kind of money truck drivers make with no prior experience and only 3 weeks of training. Let Apex CDL Institute be your gateway to a career that pays you what you deserve and gives you and your family the benefits you need.

Apex CDL Institute is the truck driving school of choice in Kansas City. Call (913) 210-1102 or request information today!

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